I’m a relative newlywed who, one year on from my own wedding, is still inspired and eager to share ideas to help others create their ‘one fine day’. PR consultant by trade, crafty country gal at heart, this seems a great little combination of my passions.

Hi there!I believe weddings should be genuine, easy, fun and affordable, and my main aim is to share REAL ideas and solutions, rather than pretty pictures of the often unachievable. You should walk out of your reception hand-in-hand with blissful memories, anticipation for your life ahead and some handy gifts for the home – not exhaustion, umpteen bills or a single ounce of regret.

There are also a lot of tricks of the trade that will help make life easier if you’re planning your own wedding. I still get teased about my ‘run sheet’ (more on those later), but it remains the best little document I’ve ever created.

I’ll try to keep it useful for visitors, but being new to this blogging thing, I can’t guarantee my own day-to-day won’t trickle in!

Enjoy and please chime in with your own ideas and experiences.



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