Keeping promises

I made a small promise in my last post that’d I’d share a budget template. But let’s be honest, budgets aren’t the funnest thing around, so this has taken a bit of self-encouragement (and a respectable dose of Pinot Gris).

Budget piglets

Every bride and groom need a budget to keep them true to their financial vows.

Budgets are in themselves a promise – to yourself, your partner and your bank account. When the pressure’s on and you’re swooning over an upgrade, your budget will keep you true.

They can also keep you sane, helping you track where you’re at in the whole planning process.

Here are the key components to a good budget, and hopefully I’ll be able to attach an actual download at the end (sorry, Pinot Gris and novice blogging don’t always mix!).

Group it:
Segment your big day into categories to help you focus on all the little things you’ll be purchasing along the way. Invites and stationary? Think design, printing, envelopes, that overpriced sparkle pin and stamps. See? Right down to the little things. It may seem a bit OTT, but 10 x little things = a lot of $$.

List it all:
Following from the above, account for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Yes the magazines, yes the sparkle pen, yes the sneaky pedicure. If it costs money, list it and count it.

Now that you have a list that’ll make your heart pound, take a stab at estimates. Be as realistic as you can and don’t be tempted to under-cook it – dangerous territory. Where ever you can, reference actual quotes or prices you’ve researched online or in-store.

Be a girly swat:
Down the side, keep notes on what the estimate or cost is based on – e.g. the buffet menu and bronze beverage package for 50 people. These will serve as great reminders and are good to revisit from time to time for a quick double-check. The bronze package? Really???

Keep it real:
As you work through your planning, use you’re budget to track progress. Cross things off as ‘paid’ as you go, and keep tabs on remaining payments against bonds and deposits in the weeks leading up. There’s a real feeling of safety that comes with your flashy budget.

Oh, and the attached budget template is a personal view and ‘brain dump’ – just because it’s listed doesn’t mean you need it, and if something’s not there and you really want it – add it! Everyone’s budget will be a different shape and size – it’s how you use it that counts.

Download here: Wedding budget tempate from Onefinedaynz


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