Where do I start?

Ever feel so busy and fragmented that you don’t even know where to start?

My current bewilderment is thanks to things other than weddings, but I am sympathetic. This is generally the starting point for even the most confident bride-to-be (quickly followed by about 100 more questions, but still, this is usually in the top five…).

Where do you start? So if you are asking ‘Where oh where do I start with this whole wedding thing?’ you’ll be pleased to know there are actually two answers – the fun answer and the realistic answer.

We’ll start with the fun answer first yeah?

Fun answer: Where. Ever. You. Want.

Go buy a magazine (but just one for now, that’s a pricey addiction), log on to theknot.com (personal fave), chat to your girlfriends, make a sneaky visit to the bridal shop, download some venue packages. All of this is okay and in no particular order – it’s part of the process to go a bit mad and GET EXCITED!!

There is just one rule – no buying or committing. You have a long way to go young grasshopper and this is only the beginning!

Think of this as the early pressure release to keep you from going a stir-crazy from the anticipation, just enough get a feel for what rocks your (and hubby-to-be’s) socks. But unless you have a looming deadline, no choosing DJs and table centre pieces just yet… And here is where the realistic answer comes in.

Realistic answer: Budget.

I know – booorrrring. But essential. Really really really.

Right after your mad run round is the perfect time to sit down an tap out a budget. You will have found a whole range of things you like, and might even have an insight on general costs. And it’s when all those costs come together that things get serious.

When I did the first cut of our wedding budget in an Excel spreadsheet (flash, eh?), I was so shocked at the automatic sum I actually got out a calculator to double check the computer was correct. Ouch.

Your budget can start out basic, but I encourage you to expand on the detail as you go, every little cost adds up, so take a no surprises approach. Whether you’re working with $1k or $100k, you’re budget will keep you sane when making purchase decisions and, if you set up right, will help you track where you’re at in the whole planning process.

Stay tuned for a budget template and a bit of a breakdown for what you might be in for… until then, breath xx


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