Over the threshold

Apologies to my few followers who couldn’t be blamed for wondering if my blog was going to be short-lived. Hubby and I are on the brink of becoming homeowners and, it’s sort of taken over our life.

So my guilt-stricken search for a blog topic got me thinking – wedding planning and house hunting actually have a lot in common…

Over the threshold!

1. Time
First there was the searching, hours online, not unlike compiling your dream wedding album on Pinterest (but that’s a whole other post!). Then there were the open homes, entire weekends devoted to a tightly managed schedule of 30minute blocks (venue visits anyone?). And now while deals are finally being done and paperwork is getting signed, my work timesheets look like I’ve gone on holiday, and my personal time is faring no better.

2. Stress
Whether you’re imagining your future wedding day and all you want it to be, or day dreaming about bathroom renos in a could-be-yours home, it’s a stressful gig. Even the most positive aspects of these milestones can be daunting and filled with questions. But remind yourself that these are the sorts of things you only do a few times in your life (well, the wedding hopefully just once!) so it’s all to be expected and you’ll be stronger and braver in the end.

3. Emotion
Wow. What a roller-coaster. The excitement of embarking on the journey, the buzz of finding things you love, the worry of getting it all a little bit wrong, the fear disaster will strike, the pure joy when it goes to plan. I can’t think of any inspiring quotes about all the heart-wrenching moments making things more worthwhile just now, but that’s the gist of it.

Conclusion? Weddings. Buying houses. Same same.

Having successfully walked down the aisle, and now as a home-owner to be (fingers crossed, just a few formalities to sort) all I can say is that these rites of passage are well worth the effort. They are bloody hard work, but the happy ending is great fun. So hang in there as you get ready to cross over the threshold!


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