Many hands make light work

Do it together

The best weddings are a group effort.

In search of inspiration for my third official post I ran across sage advice from a very popular blog: A Practical Wedding.

We hear a lot about DIY weddings these days – a way to put your own stamp on the day, a way to save money. But what about DIT?

Weddings are ultimately events that bring families, friends and communities together in celebration. It’s the special-ness of being asked to share such a great day in two inviduals’ lives that makes people so excited.

So rather than all this Do It Yourself (sounds a bit lonely really, doesn’t it?), blogger come author Meg Keane suggests DIT or Do It Together.

I couldn’t agree more. Our wedding felt all the more unique thanks to the helping hand of a few extra-talented guests.

I took great pride in my bespoke (and super cheap) stationary designed by my sister-in-law; my father-in-law’s hand-crafted welcome sign was exactly like the one in photo I wanted; my flower girls looked absolutely perfect in their hand-made (and free!) dresses, courtesy of my Maid of Honour’s mum; Auntie made some of the most tasteful ring cushions I’ve ever seen; I felt fab all day due to flawless Maid of Honour-done make-up; our guests enjoyed their personalised jandals thanks to a special sign-writers’ stickering skills… and the list goes on…

I couldn’t have bought these perfect matches if I’d tried, and they were uber affordable to boot. And, guess what, it wasn’t just about me. The people who offered and made them enjoyed it too. It’s great to be involved.

So, don’t be afraid to ask a talented someone in your life for a helping hand, and for goodness sake, if someone offers, say yes. It can be hard to pass over the DIY reins, but DIT is so much better.

Many hands make light work – and gorgeous things.


2 thoughts on “Many hands make light work

  1. !00% agree with this my lovely. I could have never got this far in my planning for our special day, if it were not for the wonderful help of our family and friends. Very wise advise xxx

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Sister’s friends did the set-up on the day, Dad (owns a graphic design firm) designed and printed invites/seating chart, friend from work did the photos (she now does this for a living!). Take advantage of everyone’s skills and desire to help!

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