BYO Anniversary traditions

A whole year.

At first glance it might seem like it has rocketed by, but when you think back over everything you’ve experienced and achieved in the last 12 months it begins to take on the grandeur fitting of an Anniversary.

It’s been a big one for us, so to mark our first year of marriage this past weekend, my husband and I decided to ditch the presents and reconnect on a wedding-inspired mini-break.

BYO supplies, courtesy of The Hay Paddock

BYO supplies, courtesy of The Hay Paddock

As one of the many couples to tie the knot on Auckland’s gorgeous Waiheke Island, there was simply nowhere else we wanted to be. Also convenient to our celebrations was Waiheke’s flair for fabulous food and glorious wine. Check and check!

I suppose you could say we swapped the traditional paper gift cash for wine. Lots and lots of wine. Our little date included a wine tasting tour (thank you GrabOne!) and a further marathon session at Mudbrick (food with the wine this time!). After our gluttony we enjoyed a very good … night’s sleep! and even got to see some of the Auckland Anniversary Regatta excitement on the ferry home.

So after a blissful 48hour Anniversary escape I have to encourage all that will listen to start your own Anniversary tradition – whether it’s a trip to your wedding spot, or just a favourite spot, a day out together is just one wonderful way to mark your special day.

What do you and yours do?

P.S. I hope to share many more supplier suggestions, but to kick things off I have to give my first blogging shout out to Vino-Link. It won’t be long til everyone knows about these great guys and their little yellow bus now doing the rounds of Waiheke’s best wineries and vineyards. Stand out on our tour was our guide Mal – perhaps on of the most friendly blokes I’ve met, he was ready and willing to answer any question we threw at him about his favourite place on earth. I also loved that we got a real taste for what Waiheke has to offer on the less trodden tasting trails to the likes of Obsidien and The Hay Paddock. Great service and zero crowds.


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