Inspiration is often fleeting, but I’ve held on to this little wriggler long enough to start a blog. A blog! Exciting. Daunting. Little bit geeky?

My inspiration is something that gets women all over the world to the core – weddings. That’s right – white dresses, vows, flowers, place settings, the lot. Original huh…

And inspiration isn’t hard to find. In the early days of my own wedding planning, I’d spend hours looking at websites, magazines and photo after photo til my head was spinning. In the first month I’d found fifteen different place setting ideas (and been in love with all of them for at least a day each til I ditched it for the next one), was convinced I needed a slew of  ‘must have’, ‘so hot right now’ items and had yet to realise there was not a single affordable dress in my dream archive. It was madness, and it stopped being enjoyable and started getting stressful real quick.

Weddings should be genuine, easy and fun, and they shouldn’t break the bank. You should walk out of your reception hand-in-hand with blissful memories, anticipation for your life ahead and some handy gifts for the home – not exhaustion, umpteen bills or a single ounce of regret.

Step one: Remember the meaning behind this day – this one fine day – and say no to the stress.

Somehow my husband and I managed to achieve this Utopia in the end, and I look forward to squirreling together some bits and pieces that inspire others to do the same.



Bliss. 29/01/11


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